Deezer Story

At Deezer we believe that music is the essence of life. With 40 million tracks available in 180 countries, the platform provides an innovative music streaming service that has attracted over 6 million subscribers and 16 million users worldwide. Deezer guarantees HQ sound, diversification, efficient personalized music curation and an engaging user experience.

Deezer Technologies

Elasticsearch, Hadoop, Spark, Kafka are also among some of the technologies/hardware used to insure an optimal and engaging user experience, asses the top streams, generate personalized recommendations and keep track of global indicators.

Our backend is full PHP, our frontend is full React and our mobile clients are native on Android, iOS & Windows. Our public REST API and SDKs are an important aspect of our offer and our Platform Team has signed specific deals with many partners and carriers around the world (Sonos, Orange, Vodafone, Bose, Bang & Olufsen, Google, Appleā€¦) to create customized integrations on heterogeneous devices (HiFi, Cars...).

Deezer Engineering

At Deezer, music is at the heart of what we do through our product features. Each of our Feature Teams is composed with backend engineers, frontend engineers, iOS & android engineers, data engineers, QA engineers, product manager, who work together toward common objectives.

Deezer Infrastructure

The platform relies on over 700 units of proprietary hardware spread out over several datacenters located in France, in the US and Singapore. This equipment is managed and supervised by an external team who monitor the platform 24/7 and are in frequent contact with our DevOps team which will be reinforced by the end of the year to handle scalability and security issues.

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