What is Mailjet

Mailjet is a powerful email service provider that ensures maximum insight and deliverability results for marketing and transactional emails. Our analytics tools and intelligent APIs offer the flexibility to create, send and optimize emails for all.

Let us handle the heavy lifting of sending so that so you can focus on what matters most: innovating. Mailjet enables you to send transactional emails with peace of mind. We ensure a great deliverability for your emails and an end-to-end tracking. You can send your emails through SMTP relay or API.

Why are we partnering with dotScale

  • Mailjet loves developers and provides an awesome REST API to send, track and process inbound emails.
  • We love innovation. We recently changed the way people develop email with, the only framework that makes responsive email development easy.
  • Our Developer Evangelists team will be there, come say hi and grab some swag!

Want to try Mailjet

Enjoy 6 Months of our silver plan (more than 900 000 emails ready to be sent) with the promo code “FLYWITHUS”.