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Silver partner is a french software company based in the Alps. We provide a Proxy-as-a-Service solution based on Web standards, that turns any API into a real-time stream of updates without requiring any server-side code.

All APIs expose “live” data that can change often: content can be added or updated. When content is changing frequently, polling the API on a regular basis is not a satisfying solution anymore: the data may have changed between two polling requests. How can you remedy this problem? How can you only see the changes? How to provide the user with a real-time experience which reflects API changes?  More importantly, how to achieve this in an efficient manner without wasting bandwidth usage? allows you to easily bring a viable real-time solution to your applications.  You only need to call the proxy, and it will take care of everything else:

  • polling APIs to reduce the server load, which will prevent scalability issues.
  • caching responses dynamically to improve response time: as long as a user is active for an API, the cache stays alive.
  • sending only incremental updates, thanks to Server-Side-Event, to reduce bandwidth usage and costs.

With a real-time experience, users stay emotionally connected to the app, typically doubling their dwell time. has been named in the Top 50 APIs by ProgrammableWeb 2015.

Try for free now at or take a look at some of our demos and get inspired!